New Wallet UI

While the breakdown of transactions is nice, the new UI looks horrible. Why the massive waste of space everywhere? Why the vertical tabs, when practically everywhere else in the game is horizontal…

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The main tabs (Isk, plex and loyalty) are horizontal, the sub tabs are vertical which keeps in line with the rest of the game.

Personally i think it looks very clear. There’s a lot of information to process in the wallet and to me this does a good job of concisely putting it forward.

EDIT: You can probably resize the window too, like every other window, if the free space bothers you.


i feel that the tap to the left wast to much real estate on nothing unless you get to colapse that side like the topbar it need to move the bars back up on a line where it was and get smaller again insted of that


BTW how do you switch to corporation wallet ?

I like it.

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In loyalty point tab at the top should be sum displayed of all the LP. Also should be option to move LP for ISK. Move 1 LP to another corporation - 1000 ISK. Would tidy things up a bit.

I’m sure if you have access to the corp wallet, there will be a button to access it like the current.

Sorry, where does this line up with the rest of the game?

The window system itself is based on horizontal tabs. The primary and secondary tabs in windows are horizontal. I can think of a few instances where things are listed vertically, but those aren’t really tabs - the assets window, the contact window, etc.

I don’t see how this is ‘cleaner’ at all - again, it seems to be a lot of wasted space that is inconsistent with UI design from the rest of the game, and adds nothing. Basically another crappy “modern” UI.

How exactly does this present the actual information more concisely than the current UI, as well? I’m not talking about the overall UI - the information such as transactions, market transactions, etc., all seem to be presented the same, the only difference is where the tabs are.

And unless we can resize specific elements within the window (i.e., the list of Overview, Transactions, etc) I don’t see how that solves anything.

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I think it would look better if they kept the current UI, with smaller cosmetic changes such as bigger tab fonts (perhaps add a global option for this?) and moving the current balance to the far left.

As I said earlier, the overview is a great addition, and is definitely a step in the right direction to presenting wallet information in a simpler way.

Adding another button similar to the current PLEX balance button for LP would still look nice, too.

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ye i just think the taps to the left is way to big and then we suddenly have centered text never use that when its a vertical menu
as sen said move it back to the old ui and just add that overview tap to that and you can add all the other stuff to the old ui

I’m all for making the game better but was this change really needed? Sure seems like CCP Dev’s are looking for anything easy in the game they can change to justify their employment at CCP. I wonder just exactly how much Dev time was spent on designing that.

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I like your new AV

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My new AV?

Your avatar, image, toon, snapshot, thumbnail, picture thingy.

Its come out very well. Just wanted to say.

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Ahh, thanks.

Don’t mean to be off-topic but I set it up for a new ‘Eve Character Scene’ I’m currently working. This thread has a few that I’ve already created.
The new scene I’m working on is Empire Business XO’s


My Eve Character Scenes are 2 parts, one is an ‘Action’ scene and the 2nd one is a ‘Profile’ scene to showcase their NES Apparel Items. This one will feature Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Business XO’s. Basically it will have a lead-in like:

‘The Battlefield isn’t the only place where war happens, when the major Empire’s meet in the Boardroom to do Business, they all come fully prepared to win, no matter what the cost’.

The ‘Action’ scene will be created with their portraits and use the same background. Amarr / Caldari will be back to back on one side of the scene and Gallente / Minmatar will be back to back on the other side of the scene with a large table in front of them (since the portraits only show from the waist up). The ‘Profile’ scene will be in a Sci-Fi type Corporate Meeting Room to showcase their NES Apparel items.

Amarr Business XO

Caldari Business XO

Gallente Business XO

Minmatar Business XO


I thought it looked OK personally

But a certain change is not very well thought out, I understand that CCP are removing the ability to pick the day for your structure, I would agree with this for WH space, lowsec, nullsec and of course structures used as war HQ’s in hisec, but not hisec indy players, seriously CCP think about the casual players for a change.

EDIT: Having given more thought to the situation of structures I would allow Athanors on moons in hisec and war HQ’s to be outside the day selection system so as to create content.

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The new wallet looks nice.

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I like the looks of the new wallet, but what I like more is added functionality - not having to tab through journal tabs to check which lps and where I have will be nice.

I like the look of the new wallet I suppose it makes it easier for CCP to track wrongdoers, bots and rmt. More concise if you get my meaning xD I’m paranoid what can I say. :eyes:

How does it help CCP do those things