New Wallet UI

I love the ‘closet loyalty store’ thing ins the loyalty point wallet. That’s great

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I too like the new wallet.

why did you remove decimals in the transaction listing? put them back!


“Function > Form”

This should be a basic design mantra.

Instead they chose to add 3 huge windows “ISK, PLEX and LP Points” wasting space. The arrow below should hide these three windows, not the transaction tab. Who has to see his ISK, PLEX and LP all the time? On the other hand, traders want to see their transactions.

At the same time they removed the refresh button, requiring you to reopen the transaction tab, therefore you are missing out on sells/buys.

And worst of all, replacing the search function in the transaction tab, where you could just drop an item into to find the transactions, with a useless item type drop down menu.

Are you guys even testing this stuff before it goes live?


How you can test something for UX if you don’t use it?


You know that we are talking about devs that designed new wallet?


In the old wallet I knew exactly what item from my sell orders actually sold. In the new wallet I don’t find this information, just “ThisDude bought stuff from you.” What stuff did he buy? No one knows. The market transactions tab doesn’t work for sell orders anymore.

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Its nice but also sad to see just how unprofitable so many game aspects and mechanics are vs what it takes to pvp.

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