New wallet feedback

the new wallet looks nice and all and you can get a good overview over the stuff you have used isk on and what you have earned that is nice but the ui for everything else is really bad seems to be made by some one that dont play/use the wallet that much

  1. left side bottens:
    take up way to much real estate for no reasen
    can it be moved back up in the old tap model and just add the overview to the front of the column row

  2. the color of the top taps isk, plex, loyalty points:
    the coloring of it just draw atention to nothing just because it have another color scheme then the UI color that i have i cant change it on test server dont know if this gonna be a problem on live server.
    the box for those 3 things plz make the plex box have the little notch on both side and flip the right box to have the notch towards the middle or flip left box to the the notch to the left and make the middle box a squar
    and let us compress/colapse the top part of the window in stead of the bottem keep the coloring and just show a small icone for isk/plex/loyalty point so the top part of the window only show the number line aka the line where it show your isk

  3. my wallet /corporation wallet taps:
    you are trying to get a way from this ui interface look but you keep it for this.
    minor complaint but still

  4. corp wallet:
    dont know why active wallet botten(the green one) have so much wasted space unless the window is completely shrinked

  5. corp wallet, same place as before but to the right:
    the stuff to the right of that green box why does it have to look like it just float in the air doesnt look good give it a simulare box as the green one and reverse it so the isk icon so to the far right but with corp logo and then place corp name where active wallet would be and the bottens where isk would be but it would align right in sted of left


  1. the colapse window feature is completely broken when you merge the window with another window and colapse it

  2. if you merge the wallet with another window and detatch it from that window again you can no longer resize the window

sry about the gramma ■■■■ but its far from my strong side

My .02:

  • ISK balance is now located top-left of the window, I’d prefer it to stay on the top-right side.
  • Loyalty points message that I have LP with “49 corporations” is pointless.
  • Buttons on the left hand side don’t look like buttons
  • Buttons on the left hand side take away valuable real-estate from the transaction / market log. The primary view for most users.
  • I don’t see any point to collapsing the wallet into the smaller variant. The toggle button to do so takes up a lot of space.
  • The transaction-drilldown is nice, but button sizing feels a bit off between the drill-down category and the “go back” button to drill up.
  • EVE Portal app allows me to select different timeframes for the circle graphs, but here I’m stuck with 30 days?

Overall, the whole interface looks like a mash of old and new interface elements, and the “new” elements are very different to other newish UI elements we’ve gotten recently, EG. the Agency window.

  • Why arn’t the dropdowns in the wallet styled like the Agency window’s dropdowns?
  • Why arnt the automatic-pay apply / transfer isk buttons not styled like Agency’s “set destination” button?
  • Why is the Automatic pay “apply” button centered at the window bottom, but the “transfer” button on the “give isk” page left aligned right below the previous input?

It’s not an improvement imho.

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