Wallet update is garbage i cant search for older market transactions

I cant see what my items cost me or what i sold them for because ccp took the search button out if you where trying to keep players in the game you failed this update is a crapdate things like bounty system broken and you take something unroke and break great friggen job

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What are you talking about?

You can open the dropdown, type the first letter of the item you want, and it’ll scroll down the dropdown menu for you to quickly find things.

That is a step back from the old system, however. You have to know the first letters instead of being able to just type in a word from a thing to start the search. I wonder why CCP did not introduce their Hypernet fuzzy search here as well.

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+1: Please bring search bar back for market transactions. Greatly needed for active traders. I have dozens of items with the same first letter, making the dropdown clunky.

Dropbox is garbage. Please bring back normal transaction search.

what you do it do drag and drop the item you want to search on the drop down box just under “item type”

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Had an argument with a dev in help channel about the new UI. I asked him with whom they tested this.

“He wasn’t going to reveal that info”

Bad Job Eve, very bad job. I volunteer to help you with the UI design. Not joking

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