Can we bring back 'Search Bar' in Market Transactions under Wallet?


After having used the new wallet update for several months now I found that there are some big issues with only having a drop-down menu of all your bought/sold items.

If you want to find a category of items. For example: Let’s say you are buying or selling different kinds of autocannons. Before, you could just search “autocannons” and it would give you a list of all different kinds of autocannons that you were buying or selling. Now, you literally can’t have that overview of different kinds of autocannons since everything is restricted to just one item that you have to select.

What is also problematic is if you are looking for a particular item that you don’t know the exact name of but you kinda have a hunch. Scrolling through a long list will take ages instead of being able to directly search that “hunch” that you have.
Most people can’t remember the names of the exact items that they were buying or selling so it makes much more sense to have a search function in line with the market search function. Where the search algorithm gives you suggestions based on what you are writing. This will make it much easier for players to get a complete overview of what they’ve sold or bought instead of having to scroll through a long list of items.

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I have a suspicion they removed this to save on processing when fetching data for massive wallets.

I absolutely support the return of this feature if it can be done in a computationally efficient fashion.

In the meantime, you might try exporting your market history to a spreadsheet for searching, or use a third party tool that includes wallet/market activity connections. I don’t use many third party tools, so I am afraid I have no advice on specific tools that could solve for your needs.


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