Giving away antipharmakon boosters to players! (All completed)

I will be giving away antipharmakon boosters for free to players. I will be giving away 1 to each player, up to 3 total. Message here with your username and the booster you want. The first 3 people who reply here get the items.

Giveaway Completed, No more giving out.

All items will be givens through public contracts, which I am in jita 4.

Feel free to sell or use it, no restrictions on what you do with it.

Players Who got one from giveaway.

  1. Cedition
  2. Lardossen Funk
  3. Bernie Nator

I liked your filament crate, thanks for that. I’m not sure if I need a booster . . . but I would be happy to try one out, since you are giving them away!

Okay, Which one do you want? Or a random one I choose?

Do you have the Aeolis? The EVE University website says they were discontinued - where did you get them?

I have heard they were discontinued too, I bought some of them from the market a while ago. I can give you an Aeolis. I will mark your name in the topic to signify when you have got one.

Yes please, and thankyou, I’ll take any booster

Ok, I will get one ready for you right now.

I’ll take any of them. The rarer the better if possible.

Not sure which one is the most rare, I will just give you a random one.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

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