EVE Giveaways Discord

https://discord.gg/VdvfUqJ - EVE Giveaways Discord

Giveaways (next one is September 26th 02:00 EVE Time

Weekly raffles

Monthly Raffles (current raffle up for an officer mod armor rep)

Newbie Raffles

List of Giveaway streamers

Host your own Giveaways!

https://strawpoll.com/jqd63uk3e - tell me the best time for a giveaway

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come win free stuff!


so what r u giving away …just wanna know

i have lots of different things to giveaway, mostly ships but a lot of other things as well, there is newbie raffles weekly raffles and monthly raffles that people can enter as well as participating in giveaways, also other people have been hosting their own giveaways there as well.

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