WTS 525 Event box - Federation Shadow War Reward Crate!

Open to offers. My discord for quick communication! You_Bro#5989

Boxes are in the NPC station Intaki (handy - buy up coupons NPC)
Loot from the boxes:

  1. Coupons - net claims 50-400m. Sold at galent NPC stations, such as Intaki.
  2. Boosters infinite (Agency ‘Pyrolancea’ DB9 Dose IV Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB9 Dose IV) and others.
    Great product. - In 2 months the price will go up 30-50%. (dropped temporarily due to temporary boosters). Price chart -Agency 'Hardshell' TB9 Dose IV - EVEMarketer.
  3. Boosters are temporary. Active until September 5. - Not a bad item to sell to familiar alliances under pvp wholesale.
  4. Skins on ships. - In the price is down now, but in half a year will be of value.
  5. Ammo.
    In short
    Screenshots of the loot from the boxes:
  6. Claims - https://i.imgur.com/qa5eNPw.png
  7. Loot + boosters. https://i.imgur.com/DpoWIoO.png
  8. Boosters temporary https://i.imgur.com/hh669S8.png
  9. the loot from the 400 boxes open by me. Evepraisal - Appraisal 176tvc: 44.07 Billion Buy / 61.08 Billion Sell
    Video of opening Minmatar boxes (I have Galena, but the loot is almost the same). - What's inside the Shadow War Reward Crate? (EVE Online) - YouTube

Reasons for selling:

  1. I got tired of opening them, already opened 2000 pieces.
  2. I’m not pumped enough trade and I’m not actively playing enough to sell everything.
  3. I’m going on vacation, there won’t be much time to play. I decided to sell everything a little cheaper, but will get the lawsuits immediately.

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