Shipcaster Shadow War Reward Crates - Sell the cores or trade them in?

Hello folks,

what are your overall experiences with the contents of the reward crates from the current factional campaign?

Regretting not selling these manufactured cores directly instead of trading them in for “meh” content of a reward crate?

To sell or to trade in?


The crate contents are pretty meh and seem to be getting worse over time. The first set of ~10 I turned in were worth about 200m/each while the set I turned in yesterday were more like 100m each.

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I’ve opened around 45 crates in total, 15 per empire (Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar). Compared to selling the cores it was a loss. But heavily depends on luck. The range of reward tokens alone was between 550 and 2200. Most of the time you’ll get the low-level boosters and low-value Skins.

On average the crates might had a value of around 125 M.

But I also did it to get the Skins from the personal reward tracks. Hard to put a value onto these.


It wouldn’t be if CCP would allow us to sell them instead of making everything redeem directly to the character.

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Sold the cores and I’m happy.

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