SOLD - 105Mil Skillpoints Capital Focused Pilot

Carrier lvl 5, Fighters lvl 5, 14 lvl 5 Fleet Support Skills
Dread lvl 5, Capital Turret lvl 5
Cap Industrial Ship lvl 5
3 lvl 5 Jump Drive Skills

This bargain starts at 90B
Closing in 24 Hours

90B ready

92 bil

93B ready

95 bil

96B ready

just so you’re aware its a rule that you cant add ships and items besides pods and skins into the value of your character :). 07 good luck

Thanks, I’ve been away from eve for a few years and didn’t notice that so updated the listing.

@CargoDude 97 Billion

98 Billion(s)

99b offer

Auction now closed.

Thanks to all the bidders and to Shnitzel Tiras for the winning bid. If you let me know when payment has been sent and i’ll arrange the transfer

You are too quick for me :smiley:

Save some for the rest of us :blush:

Sending isk in a few min

@Shnitzel_Tiras thanks, once it arrives I’ll do the transfer shortly after.

Isk and account info sent, sorry for the delay

@Shnitzel_Tiras Thanks

Character Name: CargoDude
Will be completed after: 5/15/2019 10:38:56 PM

Have fun with him and hopefully one day he’ll finally fly a Nyx… or an Erebus :smile:

CCP mail received. Thanks!
Will need a little investment but hopefully both :blush:

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