[SOLD]Capital pilot 189 m SP 2010!

Good for PVP and PVE
Can fly on Marauder
Amarr Dreadnought IV
Caldari Carrier IV
EDENCOM Battleship IV
And other

Positive wallet
No kill rights
In high security space Jita
Start price 135bil
Final price 170bil

Forget :smile:

140b offer

Have you given up selling?

@samele_QF I’m waiting for more bids


@samele_QF If you’re still willing to buy. you can send info and isk

I have transferred 145B ISK to [Stellio Cantos] and sent the account name.
Thank you so much for choosing me to trade


I apologize
I’ve been driving all day
I’ll start transferring the account overnight or in the morning.

No problem. I confirmed that the deal is still open


confirmed. thx

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