(CistaCista) #1

The shop is in hiatus atm

Welcome to the EVE Museum shop for officer modules, your favorite seller since 2017!

I have the following modules for sale, all are in Jita 4-4.
(In parantheses are current Jita sell order prices)


  • Draclira’s Mod. Heavy Capacitor Booster 1.7 bn (2.2 in Jita)
  • Draclira’s Mod. Tachyon Beam Laser - 3.8 bn (Jita 6.5 bn)
  • Estamels’ Mod. EM Ward Field 3.4 bn (none in Jita)
  • Estamel’s Mod. Thermal Dissipation Field 1.6 bn (2.5 bn in Jita)
  • Raysere’s Mod. Tachyon Beam Laser 2.5 bn (Jita 4.5 bn)
  • Selynne’s Mod. Thermal Plating - 500 mil (Jita 850 mil)
  • Setele’s Mod. 100MN Afterburner 1.0 bn (Jita 1.2 bn)
  • Setele’s Mod. Large Plasma Smartbomb 3.2 bn (Jita 3.6 bn)
  • Thon’s Mod. Large Graviton Smartbomb 1.3 bn (Jita 2.0 bn)
  • Tobias’ Mod. Torpedo Launcher 1.7 bn (Jita 2.2 bn)
  • Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Link Augmentor - 1.2 bn (Jita 1.5 bn)
  • Vepa’s Mod. Large Graviton Smartbomb - 2.9 bn (Jita 3.5 bn)

Give me a holler and I will set you up with a contract!

Currently on personal contract:

Previously sold: 45 modules.

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EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.2 %
EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.2 %
WTS Vepas' Modified Large Graviton Smartbomb
EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.2 %
EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.2 %
EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.7 %
EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.2 %
[BOUGHT] Estamels modified EM ward amplifier
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(CistaCista) #3

Bump :gift::purple_heart::christmas_tree:

(CistaCista) #4

Now with Estamel stuff :rocket:

(CistaCista) #5

Draclira laser added!

EVE Museum updates :star: Dividends: 1.2 %
(CistaCista) #6

Tuesday bomp :bomb:

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(Humboldt MacDaddy) #8

take 1.5?

(CistaCista) #9

Yes! But not for that module.
Jita buy price is currently 1.51, sell price is 2.65.

(CistaCista) #10

Now with Setele!

(Kurvorao) #11

Draclira’s Modified Armor Kinetic Hardener and Estamel’s Modified EM Ward Field 4.5 b

(CistaCista) #12

Why not! It’s always nice to get the first sale under the belt.
The contract for the two modules has been set up in Jita, from CistaCista >> Kurvorao.

(Kurvorao) #13

Sorry haven’t been around pvp died please keep contract up

(CistaCista) #14

No problem! Still up.

(CistaCista) #15

4 more modules have been added to the list!

(CistaCista) #16

2 new modules today!

(CistaCista) #17

Unit P-something added :satellite:

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #18

Interested in making me a package deal?

(CistaCista) #19

Certainly. Combined list price reads as 7.1 bn. What did you have in mind?

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #20

Take 6.6 for the lot?