The shop is in hiatus atm

Welcome to the EVE Museum shop for officer modules, your favorite seller since 2017!

I have the following modules for sale, all are in Jita 4-4.
(In parantheses are current Jita sell order prices)


  • Draclira’s Mod. Heavy Capacitor Booster 1.7 bn (2.2 in Jita)
  • Draclira’s Mod. Tachyon Beam Laser - 3.8 bn (Jita 6.5 bn)
  • Estamels’ Mod. EM Ward Field 3.4 bn (none in Jita)
  • Estamel’s Mod. Thermal Dissipation Field 1.6 bn (2.5 bn in Jita)
  • Raysere’s Mod. Tachyon Beam Laser 2.5 bn (Jita 4.5 bn)
  • Selynne’s Mod. Thermal Plating - 500 mil (Jita 850 mil)
  • Setele’s Mod. 100MN Afterburner 1.0 bn (Jita 1.2 bn)
  • Setele’s Mod. Large Plasma Smartbomb 3.2 bn (Jita 3.6 bn)
  • Thon’s Mod. Large Graviton Smartbomb 1.3 bn (Jita 2.0 bn)
  • Tobias’ Mod. Torpedo Launcher 1.7 bn (Jita 2.2 bn)
  • Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Link Augmentor - 1.2 bn (Jita 1.5 bn)
  • Vepa’s Mod. Large Graviton Smartbomb - 2.9 bn (Jita 3.5 bn)

Give me a holler and I will set you up with a contract!

Currently on personal contract:

Previously sold: 45 modules.

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Bump :gift::purple_heart::christmas_tree:

Now with Estamel stuff :rocket:

Draclira laser added!

Tuesday bomp :bomb:


take 1.5?

Yes! But not for that module.
Jita buy price is currently 1.51, sell price is 2.65.

Now with Setele!

Draclira’s Modified Armor Kinetic Hardener and Estamel’s Modified EM Ward Field 4.5 b

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Why not! It’s always nice to get the first sale under the belt.
The contract for the two modules has been set up in Jita, from CistaCista >> Kurvorao.

Sorry haven’t been around pvp died please keep contract up

No problem! Still up.

4 more modules have been added to the list!

2 new modules today!

Unit P-something added :satellite:

Interested in making me a package deal?

Certainly. Combined list price reads as 7.1 bn. What did you have in mind?

Take 6.6 for the lot?