(CistaCista) #21

Ouch, you guys are making me look weak! Nevertheless, selling a whole bunch is nice - so your contract for those 3 is up.

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #22

Awesome will accept shortly!

(CistaCista) #23

Another Vizan has been added.

(CistaCista) #24

3 Vizans now listed.

(CistaCista) #25

Another Brynn added.

(CistaCista) #26

Thon’s Cloaking added.

(CistaCista) #27


(CistaCista) #28

Draclira nano plating is a new one :boom:

(Talasone) #29

I will but this for 1.2mil please contract me in game :grinning:

(Zahara Cody) #30

Its only fair. :joy:

(2V Pocket Miner) #31

https://i.imgur.com/pSVCAWz.png I’ll take it!

(CistaCista) #32

Price has been “adjusted” :relaxed:

(2V Pocket Miner) #33

2b thon’s cloak

(CistaCista) #34

Very well, contract is up for you :slight_smile:

(2V Pocket Miner) #35

Accepted! I’ll offer 1.6b on the Brynn’s sensor booster in addition, as you were previously trying to sell it for 1b under Jita, which is 2.6b.

(CistaCista) #36

That’s too low though , but I did lower the price to 1.9. Thanks for the update.

(Havoc Ambramotte) #37

Chelm’s Modified Energized EM Membrane contract to me pls

(CistaCista) #38


(CistaCista) #39

New Estamel added, and two new price drops!

(CistaCista) #40

New Chelm and Selynne added.
Let me know if any Jita prices are outdated, that can happen and I will adjust…