WTS Officer modules (Tobias' web included!) - jita

Hakim’s Modified Stasis Webifier* 11.5 b
Hakim’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler* 4.0 b


still actual

No way, you still haven’t sold mods for jita sell price?

still actual!

Still actual :upside_down_face:

still selling!

Still actual :slightly_smiling_face:

new price for web - 37kkk!

Still selling! :upside_down_face:

Prices updated!
Hakim’s Modified Gyrostabilizer - new item for sell!

Tobias’ Modified Cruise Missile Launcher - 3.5kkk - sold

Still sell web and other stuff!

Actually, it sold for 2.6b. I know because I bought it

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web sold for 27bil. Updated.

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