WTS High Meta Officer Mods (Unit W, Tobi, Drac)

For sale in Jita 4-4:

  • 2 x Unit W-634’s Modified Sensor Booster - 5.4b/each
  • 1 x Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link - 3.8b
  • 1 x Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - 14.8b
  • 1 x Vepas’s Modified Multispectrum Shield Hardener - 14.8b

Not interested in rat offers.

contract me 3 x Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier for 42b if you want.
and 3 x Hakim’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler for 12b.

Hi, the prices are already set according to current market values and aren’t negotiable for now, sorry.

Ill contract you one DDA

ok, for 14b

contract me hakim scrams for your price then

Sure, contract is up.

Updated and bump.




And updated.


Prices updated.

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