WTS: Officer Unit P DCU!

(Pils Vynneve) #1

Officer mods for sale in Jita 4-4:

  • Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control - Sold
  • Selynne’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - Sold

WTB Officer Mods
(Absolute Truth) #2

3.8b for the smartbomb

(Pils Vynneve) #3

Thanks for the offer but I rather keep it for that price.

(Absolute Truth) #9

I can raise my offer for the smartbomb to 3.9b. There are 2 up on Sell orders in Jita for less than your asking price, and the Buy orders are at 3.5b. The last 4 sold for 3.32b, 4.2b, 3.75b, and 4.13b, making the average sale price 3.85b.

(Pils Vynneve) #10

The only ones for sale in Jita are 4.93b and 4.999b. I can go down to 4.9b if you want it, otherwise I’ll keep it myself.

(Pils Vynneve) #20

Prices lowered with 10%, grab them now!

(Pils Vynneve) #23

SB sold, DCU still available!

(Pils Vynneve) #26

Up up up!!

(Mr'Fatalist) #27

Would you take a Tobias Distruptor for the Dcu?

(Pils Vynneve) #28

Thanks for your offer. You can convo/mail me in game how much isk you wanna add to that trade, I won’t trade it 1 on 1.

(Mr'Fatalist) #29

PM sent

(Pils Vynneve) #30

Back up to the top, still for sale!!

(Pils Vynneve) #31

DCU sold

(system) #32

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