WTS 3 x Officer Mods (V6.6)

All Items listed are in Jita 4-4 for sale Trades Acceptable :slight_smile:

  • High end Mods:
    1 x Tuvan’s Modified Damage Control - 13b
    2 x Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer - 5,5b
    2 x Cormack’s Modified Sensor Booster - 7b

4 Mods sold , Daily Bump

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Edit: 6 New High end Mods Added

Contract me the cormacks sebo I will accept when I get home from work

Contract up :ok_hand:

Cormack Sebo Sold :congaparrot:

Added 2 New High End Mods , Tobias’ Modified Gyrostabilizer and Tobias’ Modified Tracking Enhancer

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Edit: 7 x Gotan’s Modified 800mm Repeating Cannon Added

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Vepas’ Modified Large Graviton Smartbomb - Sold
Selynne’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer - Sold
Kaikka’s Modified Multispectral ECM - Sold

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Edit 1: Last Vepas Weapon Sold
Edit 2: Unit F-435454’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier Added

3 New Mods Added.
Vepas’ Modified Ballistic Control System
Thon’s Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Link Augmentor

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4.5 B for Ahremen’s modified power diagnostics ?

Sorry already a sale pending for that , if it won’t be acepted within 12h I’ll let u know

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Edit: Ahremen’s modified power diagnostics Sold and Thon’s Modified Co-Processor Added

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Edit: Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Link Augmentor Sold

Multiple New mods added

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Would you accept the toby proton sb and 2 zoryas sinks for 22 bil?