WTS Officier's module JITA

Hi, i want to sell this located in JITA IV moon 4 Caldary Navy assembly Plant :

Raysere’s Modified Multispectrum Energized Membrane - 1 B

Ahremen’s Modified Cap Recharger - 5 B

Draclira’s Modified Large Armor Repairer - 5,5 B
Draclira’s Modified Heat Sink - 15 B

Draclira’s Modified Heavy Energy Nosferatu
Raysere’s Modified Kinetic Coating
Ahremen’s Modified Reactor Control Unit
Ahremen’s Modified Kinetic Energized Membrane
Draclira’s Modified Kinetic Coating
Tairei’s Modified Kinetic Armor Hardener

contact-me or make me an good offer

Offering 21bil for ALL

no sorry,
All 30.2 B, you offer 69% of total :wink:
28B for all is OK

bump :grinning:

bump :sweat_smile:

bump :kissing_closed_eyes:

bump :money_mouth_face:

30b for all

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