You forgot to buff some boosters!

CCP’s you’ve buffed synth boosters to be twice more effective but forgot to buff less common ones.

Booster that I know you forgot to buff:
–>Nugoehuvi Synth Blue Pill Booster<-- !!11
Antipharmakon Aeolis
Antipharmakon Kosybo
Antipharmakon Thureo
Antipharmakon Iokira
Antipharmakon Toxot

I suspect that’s a feature and not a bug given the limited availability of those boosters.

As for my knowledge they are produced in game

Nugoehuvi Synth Blue Pill Booster is a reward option for Caldary Epic Arc and I can confirm
Antipharmakon boosters can be found in drifter wormholes but I didn’t check this personally

Not like agency boosters that drop on some events or Quafe Ultra that is gifted from time to time

Didn’t know that about the antipharmakon, thanks.

I don’t thin they were forgotten

from the dev blog found here.

I’m not exactly sure why they buffed Mykocerosin boosters. Maybe they thought that increased demand for Mykocerosin would result in increased booster prices, so they buffed them to compensate? I dunno. Regardless, it’s clear by the dev blog that they didn’t forget anything. They buffed what they said they were going to buff. So, if you want them to buff other drugs, you’re probably going to need to make a strong case for why they should be buffed.
No P2W

Because relatively high-level PvE content (Epic Arcs, Drifter Holes) should in general provide useful rewards.

I have no experience with drifter holes, but regarding the Caldari Epic arc:

It probably provides the most valuable faction standings out of the four L4 Epic Arcs, it’s physical rewards are lackluster. You either get a Blueprint that once produced brings a profit of ~100M ISK but required Outpost Construction skilled, a bunch of boosters that nobody needs or 25 million in cash.

Meanwhile the Amarr Epic Arcs provides either a 260M implant (highsec path) or a 600M implant (lowsec path), the Gallente Epic Arc makes you choose between two 300M implants and the Minmatar Epic Arc gives you ~200M worth of Scan Probes or 25M in cash.

seems like it does then…

There are MUCH faster and easier ways to get Caldary standing.

just because you can get the reward in more than one way doesn’t make it less useful. And it is not a reason to buff something that has effects on the rest of the game.

That’s debatable argument. It depends on buff strength.

Old synth boosters had effect of 3%
Nugoehuvi boosters have effect of 5%
New synth boosters have effect of 6%
Antipharmakon boosters have effect of 8%
Standart boosters have effect of 20%
Strong booster have effect of 30%

  • It is safe to buff Nugoehuvi to 8%

Antipharmakon is more complicated.
Them can be buffed to levels that don’t matter. IMO that’s any area below 10% including 10%.
Them can be buffed to actually being an option. IMO that’s 13+%
Them can be left as is

You haven’t actually shown that.

X thing got buffed like this so Y can be buffed too doesn’t actually hold water.

Synth did actually need a buff particularly after the addition of the other boosters that also lacked side effects.

You just want to boost something in the hopes that it will become more valuable. And that may very well not be the case. Do to the high supply of these items compared to their current demand you will need to significantly increase the demand in order to see a significant increase in price.

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