Drug dealing in New Eden

I have made this alt with one goal in mind:

Create new edens go to drug manufacturer and supplier/delivery corp

I only have about 3 months expirience on my main, so I need some advice, and I have some questions:

  1. Do you currently use boosters, if yes how frequently. If no, why?

  2. What price is reasonable per booster, I don’t mean jita prices, I mean what would you like to pay, once we have the infrastructure I plan on standardizing prices on “tier” instead of what Brewster they are) my spitball estimations of reasonable prices are (synth:1M standard: 2.5M improved: 5 or 6 mil strong: 20M)

  3. I also plan on stocking all booster related implants, if you do use boosters would you use these?

  4. Just in general, what do I need to get a corp up and running

From what I understand of drug manufacture in the game requires quite a few people in a concerted effort doing specialised roles. This isn’t something for the faint of heart. It isn’t just a case of getting in your RV, driving out into the desert and cooking up some BlueSky with your high school chemistry teacher.


Yeah, Spugg may be right. IIRC, you can only make drugs in upwell structures that are anchored outside of highsec. And then add starting and running a corp for the first time on top of that? So yeah, this might be quite the challenge for you. However, I also don’t want to tell you that you shouldn’t try to do what excites you. Idk, perhaps you could look at joining an existing group, then you can use their structures and logistics networks to help you do your thing. Moreover, this would also give you some local customers that would buy at least some of your product.

Anyway, try to look at Jita sell volumes to determine whether or not a drug or drug related implant is worth selling. Second, what is a reasonable price depends on where you’re selling it. For example, I fully expect to pay more for things out in Nullsec, than I do in Jita.

Posters above are correct. It is a pretty massive effort, things you need to be able to do:

  • Farm null sec rats/missions for patterns
  • Ice mine
  • Gas mine
  • PI
  • Own a structure, not in high sec

If you just go out and buy the mats you won’t make money.

Also FYI the pattern drop for the better boosters is not great and if you end up buying them they are a significant portion of the cost.

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