Liquors and drugs activity

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Can I start a career by producing and selling liquors and drugs?

Is it difficult? Is there a corp that actually does it?

Can you make edibles?

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Nope I can’t. I’m kinda new, I was just asking about it

You can make a career making and selling boosters. Like most things in Eve, it is more complicated than simply making them. There is gas huffing, and reactions and citadels and all sorts of things that go with it. Start by googling “eve uni wiki boosters”

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The gases that are needed as a base ingredient for the production of “boosters” (drugs) will be almost exclusively found in lowsec or nullsec (there are a few areas of high that spawn booster clouds, but not many).

The production of boosters must be done in .4 systems or lower. There are a few guides out there regarding the actual production process, i don’t know how up to date they are, but the process is sorta similar to t2 production in that you will manufacture base components then use those base components to manufacture the final product (the actual usable booster).

As for if there are corps that specialize in making drugs, maybe, but i don’t know any specifically. I’d assume most mid size or bigger corps, especially ones that focuses on pvp or at least have an active pvp group will likely manufacture boosters for themselves and possibly sell the excess.

As for liquor, as far as i know, it’s not a thing that can be made.


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Thank you very much

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Yo man whachu got?

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We believe that the wonderful space princess was asking can you pod capsules?

We have a need to find out? Would you consider frozen corpses as a food source?

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