Combat Boosters

(Nom Jeremy) #1

have not played in a while, but wondered if making combat boosters(drugs) was still in the game? Is using an upwell structure the way to make them now? Any guides or discords to join for more information?

(CaseyLP) #2

Yep, drugs are definitely still in the game as well as the production of them. I’m inexperienced with the manufacturing of them though so someone else will have to help there.

(ISD Sakimura) #3

Yes, it is still possible to make Combat booster. They can only be produced using an Athanor or Tatara (Refinery) with the Standup Biochemical Reactor I Service module.

Reactions Redefined Dev blog can be found Here

(Nom Jeremy) #4

thanks for the information

(system) #5

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