I am getting an interest into narcotic manufacturing

Hello everyone.
I recently started up EVE, its big, it’s complex, i feel overwhelmed in more ways than one but at the same time the sense of discovering something new is also exciting.

From my understanding players can set to be whoever they want in EVE Online, i guess that i don’t understand the full extent of that since i came here from a MMORPG where i could chose 2 main professions from a few selection of them.

I don’t know what arts/professions a player can set himself to follow besides the one I’m currently invested in and that’s mining asteroid belts.
I don’t know if i can do this but i was reading through the market and see what we can produce, sell, trade and so on and my eye stopped when i saw Narcotics, i have heard about drug smuggling and production in EVE but of course i don’t know if it’s true.
I guess that must be true or else why would a market have a section for narcotics right?

In the case i want to step into this business what do i need to do? I apologize asking this in the most basic way but i would have no idea how to start.

Didn‘t do myself, I know it’s quite complex, a link Manufacturing - EVE University Wiki

When EvE players talk about drugs it’s about boosters which increase combat capabilities for a period of time with or without negative side effects. Usage-time limited boosters are regularly dropping as loot in events, but there is a group of permanent ones in the game which can be manufactured, like Blue Pills.

EDIT: forgot to add a couple of years back drugs were removed from contraband listing, so you don’t risk your ship anymore to NPC customs while transporting them through highsec, iirc.

EDIT2: “narcotics” itself is just an NPC trade good playing roles in some missions but don’t have a bigger use elsewhere. These “trade goods” are remnants of the first months of EvE online where there wasn’t the player-driven economy yet established.

Drug smuggling is no more. The list of contraband these days is very small. It used to be that to take drugs to market you’d have to sneak by the Customs Officials you see on gates in Hi Sec. No more, as unfortunately CCP has lost sight of the original vision of High Sec. Which overall has been a bummer the past 8 or 9 years.

Drug production is very much still a thing. There’s two main forks in the chain: the synthetic stuff, and the non synthetic stuff. Synthetic stuff isn’t very potent and the Blueprints are only available as copies. They drop in deceptive gas sites in lowsec as far as I am aware, they’re actually combat sites. Not the easiest site for newbs to take on. Producing these I believe requires the common Mykoserocin low sec gas.

Non synthetic stuff I think you can get Blueprint Originals of. But not 100% sure. These — if I’m remembering right — require the rarer Cytoserocin gas.

Manufacturing itself as an activity is a whole beast. Hope you like „right click show info“ being your gameplay for a while as you see the „industry“ and „produces“ tabs for hours :rofl:

It’s sad to see that drug smuggling is not a thing anymore :frowning: maybe they will change it in the future.

In terms if the drug production can it be produced in any station or i need to go to specific places for it’s production?

The end product can be build everywhere, the intermediate steps require a player owned structure in lowsec (or null / wh) which has the right reactors installed.

any references made to POS towers should be replaced by players owned structures of the Upwell type.
Has a ton of info on where to get the bpc’s etc.

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