WTS Combat Boosters

Hey you! need drugs?

I sell:
Standard Crash, Drop, Exile, Blue Pill, Mindflood, Frentix
Improved Drop, Exile, Blue Pill, Mindflood
Strong Exile, Mindflood, Blue Pill

My prices are sometimes below Jita sell, and they sell out very quickly when brought to market like this. Placing an order through me does not guarantee you’ll get it the same day, but the price will be cheapish.

I also deliver anywhere in NPC K-space.

Eve-Mail for more details.

25 standard Blue pill please…delivered to Penirgman V - Moon 1 - Theology Council Tribunal if you dont mind.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t see this until now. Would you still like them?

thanks…decent price too. i want to set this up as a monthly thing…once a month you provide me with 25 (exactly, no extra improved next time) once a month.

Ill take 50x standard drop boosters

Anywhere in particular?

Sebat Hadah thank you for your contract agreement, I’ll supply you 25 a month.

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morning bump

not really. wherever is fine. highsec, non island

Sorry guys I had some RL issues but I’m back making boosters again.

I’ve been producing so much that it’s been dragging Jita/Amarr sell prices way down. Because of this, most of the standard boosters and some of the improved are near or above Jita. If the difference is significant, I often won’t even accept the order and tell you to buy from Jita.

All past orders have been reset. We’re starting over!

PS: I’m also now producing Strong Blue Pill

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