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BuyMyPills.com is working to be one of the primary suppliers for PVPers looking for that little edge to win out in PVP. We currently deliver to all high security space, Delve, some areas in Fountain, and have trade agreements with a few other parties. Check out our website as the availability list of boosters will be rapidly expanded over this month as we have thousands of pills in production via reactions.

Need A Boost? - http://buymypills.com

December 1st - 31st - EvE University Grab Bag Event

Need a boost?

Buy a grab bag in December and help support EvE University!

Prices updated. Get a grab bag and support EvE University!!

Prices updated, grab bags still available, Exile now in stock!

Prices updated, grab bags still available through the end of the month! Drop now in stock!

Due to personnel taking holidays off to be with family we have restricted delivery locations until further notice. Changes are already in place via the orders page on our website. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Happy holidays to everyone! Orders may be slightly delayed for the next 3 days until our regular personnel are back.

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