WTS Drug / Booster production setup ***price lowered***

Hey all,

I’m looking to unload a drug / booster production setup. The setup was used in a WH but has since been hauled out. Everything is available in HS. The setup is complete, and takes up a total of about 230k m3.

Inventory: Evepraisal - Appraisal 12xxi8: 3.57 Billion Buy / 5.73 Billion Sell (blueprints count as 0)

I’m looking for 10 bill. I’m not really interested in breaking it down or selling parts. I’m looking to unload the whole lot.

EDIT: Price lowered to 5B


The only thing you don’t get with this setup, is an RV. Everything else is Walther White approved!

With this setup even Pablo would have been jealous of you.

To the top!

message sent.

5b offer for all

I can’t accept 5b, I literally get more if I just sell it on the market at current rates …

6b offer for the lot

I can’t accept that. It’s literally worth 5.7 on the market, without even counting the bleuprints. You willing to go to 9b?

6b is a fair price given that most of the refining i plan to do excludes the pos structures… 6.25b is my absolute max.

No can do. Thanks for the offer though.

k, if you change your mind contract to me.

I’d be willing to meet in the middle and do 7.5b if you’re keen.

Bump, still available.

Price been reduced to 7.5b.

Bumping. Still available for 7.5b

Bump! Still available.

Bump! Still available. Make your own fix now with this dope setup. :smiley:

Can I get a bit more info on the structures?

Sure thing. In terms of structures, I basically ran this on a Large POS. I’ve not played in ages though, so I’m not sure if that’s still the optimum solution. My offer has everything you need, except the POS; this means 3 resource silos, the drug lab for the reactions, and a general storage for end product / stuff.

On a different note, I’m dropping the asking price to 6B.

Pinging @Deadspin to see if you’re still interested at this price.

Little bump, to the top!