WTS Drug Production Setup

(Fehyd Rautha) #1

Hey all,

I’m looking to sell my drug production setup. In the past I had set up shop in a WH and the setup was used to supply a large alliance with their daily (and for some hourly) fixes.

The entire lot is located in High Sec, and is about 230k m3 in case you need to do some hauling, or in case you want to see how many trips it would take to bring it through a WH ;).

Full inventory: http://evepraisal.com/a/jaam7

Eve appraisal for the stuff that’s on the market: 7.7 Bill
Blueprint appraisal (Cross-ref with current contracts): 4.5 bill

Total value: 12.2 bill.

(Arestes) #2

Calm down, Pablo.

(SWAGGETTI delConte) #3

You got any more of that…? Good stuff…?

(Fehyd Rautha) #4

Got to get out of this business before it kills me. xD

For 12bill you can have it all and make your own good stuff. :smiley:

(Faelina Regan) #5

Is this still available? very intrested

(jadejen) #6

I am interested as well Contact me ingame

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