SOLD /// WTS 12.75 SP PvP Interceptor/Covops Specialist - Close to Dictors

2 Bonus remaps.
Positive Wallet.
No Kill Rights
Located in Jita 4-4

Excellent core skills.
Excellent scanning skills.

Interceptors 5
Covert Ops 4
Close to being able to fly a sabre.

This character is perfect for a wormhole/null/lowsec tackler/scout alt, and it also makes for a great starting pvp character.

Also as a bonus excellent name and visuals, as well as an extremely clean corp history.

Awaiting your offers with anticipation.



I Offer 4B.

I was hoping for at least 7b. Will wait for further offers.



i’ll offer 5.5b bro

Hi friend.

Like I said, I was looking for 7B. If you’re willing to go to 6B i’ll let it go.

Reached agreement in private for a sale, awaiting account name and isk transfer.

Received ISK and Account name, transfer initiated.

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