Skillboard has not updated, but in an NPC corp with positive Security Status.

  1. Positive wallet balance.
  2. 1 kill right to a low SP noob (I know, I know).
  3. No JCs.
  4. Docked in Vaurent (0.6).

Currently has a set of High Grade Amulets plugged in. Positive KB if you’re in to that.


20b what you think

I think that’s a bit low given comparable characters on the market. I’d be looking for 30-35b+.

Thanks for the offer though!

how much do you want

24B please offer.

No thanks!

27b offer

28B offer

Appreciate the offer. Looking for a 35b b/o.

Offer retracted

Hi! I think I could offer 28b.

Maybe you can get a better offer, and hopefully it’s not taken as an offense. If you were however to consider this offer, Let me know what you think!

No offense at all, but I think she’s worth more. I’ll hold out for now!

30b offered

Sound good. I’ll take it.

cool, but I will need 24hr to get the target account prepared(there are 3 characters right now, I have to transfer one out). However I can still send you the isk right now,is that ok?

Sure. Send it and your account name in-game and we can follow up when you’re ready.

still sale 、offer 31b

i think the bid is closed now?

Yes closed, ISK rec’d. Just reach out when you’re good to go.

the target account is ready