Character Received. Thread closed.


Are you willing to take 45b?


How about this one? But he’s still a Titan pilot

Interesting. Although I have no need for a second Titan Pilot but never know. How much you’re asking?

I’d like to see your offer. I think if you don’t need a Titan pilot, your offer may not meet my expectations

I am paying 1bil ISK per 1mil. So, my offer is 50b

I think this offer is within my consideration. I will give you a reply within 4 hours. Is that OK ?

Sure. I should be home by 12:30 EVE time. Enough time if you wish to withdraw.

Positive Wallet
No killrights
Pilot is located in Chaven.
Please send isk and account information

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ISK was Sent and an EVE-Mail was sent with account information.

Transfer started

This is a pleasant transaction, thank you!
Now, I’m going to log out of the forum

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thank you! Will post confirmation later when received.

Confirmation! Received Character in my account. Thank you again!

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