Supercarrier + Marauder pilot 127kk SP

skill point: 127,736,351
Wallet balance positive
Kill rights 0
In NPC station
0isk in wallet
open for offer
I will pay for the transfer
Naglfar pilot

A collection of tools for Eve Online

In NPC corp(session changes)

Good afternoon, how much is your character worth?

@haronn we can start with 85bil

and what is the ransom price?

@haronn 100bil

@haronn you can write your own price

I can offer 86b

@Humbert_Arron If they don’t give me a higher price before the server reboots, I’m in

86.5Bil offer

offers 88b

90bil but out

91B offer

92b offer

93bil offer

95b oiffer

15.00 UTS will be the last price

@Humbert_Arron im waiting money and information

if you want,I offer 87bil, able to trade immediately

Info and Isk is sent your way

@Humbert_Arron my bank has accepted the payment and will process it tomorrow afternoon.