Looking for Minmater specced character.

20m - 50m sp preffered

Would like Naglfar skills

Post what you got.

Focused naglfar alt. Make me an offer.


My bad, password is 12345. I will confirm with the character being sold if we’re able to come to a deal.

Would you do 30B?

I can do 32b

I will do 32B.

Pilot needs to be in NPC corp before we move forward.

I am getting myself ready for sale. Please give me a few minutes and I will confirm when ready.

Character is currently in an NPC corporation.
Character is located in Perimeter.
Character has a positive wallet balance.
Character’s security status is -0.6

All CCP rules apply to this transfer. Please send isk and account name when ready. Transfer will be done via PLEX. I forced a refresh of the eveskillboard so you can confirm the details above.

Isk and account info provided.

Can you confirm the petition has been submitted please?

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Isk and account name has been received. Ticket has been submitted to initiate the transfer. Ticket number is #803054.

I received the email from the GM saying the transfer is complete. Thank you for your business.

Yep, I received it. Thanks.

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