alt located in 1dq in Delve.
Naglfar fully fitted and needed skills in 40 days but u can use 1,5mil unlocated SP to make it faster.
It was VNI pilot so drones skills are good then i made fleet fits (megathrone, jackdaw etc) and now finishing naglfar fit

im not in rush to sell. if i see some fine offers i will sell it for around 25-30b i think


sorry, not interested in trade for this moment

28b and we can make a deal @steven_tamia

OK i accept it

@steven_tamia ok, when u want to close the deal?

convo me ingame and I will send you isk,I will handle it when you reply me in 10/7 12:00PM-4:00PM UTC

@steven_tamia ok

@Giverion_Charlover Isk and account info sent.

ok, check email ingame

I sent you an email with a website detailing how to transfer the character. Please take a look, thank you.

@Giverion_Charlover Do you see the mail I sent you ingame?

@steven_tamia ye, i will fix it now

@Giverion_Charlover thx

@steven_tamia check email ingame

I can’t accept the account transaction you mentioned, because this is not allowed by ccp. In addition, the character transfer seems to be able to pay the fee through the form of ISK. I don’t know the specific process. Finally, I hope that you can finish this matter as soon as possible. Thank you

@Giverion_Charlover if you struggle to afford the 20 dollar transfer fee method which is done through account management under services there is a character transfer option, you can purchase 1000 plex off the in game market place them in that character’s plex vault then submit a support ticket with that character requesting they transfer that character to the buyer’s account name. they will remove the plex from the vault and move the character.

the CCP rule is that accounts can never change hands with the exception of a parent/guardian paying for a child’s account.

@steven_tamia character transfered

@Giverion_Charlover thx,I received email

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