WTS good Naglfar alt 47m SP


Character located in Jita.

Very good Naglfar skils (Dread V, T2 capital gun’s, jump cal V etc…)

Also has skills that are nice for an alt :
Fly Gallente transport ship (viator/occator)
Has PI skills V
fly Stiletto/malediction and sabre (interceptor V)
Cyno V and basic skills to enter amarr/minmatarr covops/bombers
Cybernetic/biology V

Also has a +5 implant set and a gonelution set , both located in jita.

Bids starts at 40B, no B/O for now. I will ofc pay transfer fee, with PLEX.

35B offer

40bil to start you off…isk ready right now if you decide its fair.

Thx for the 40B offer, I don’t plan on waiting too long but i’d like to give it more than only 23h :stuck_out_tongue:

41b isk ready

You have an in game offer.

Beringer, offer accepted. send me isk + info and i will start transfer

Isk and info sent.

Transfer ticket send, you should receive sometime tomorrow. Thank you and enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ill confirm when the character has been transfered.

I have still not received the character. Please confirm that the character transfer ticked has been made and correct account has been listed.

Transfer has been done by CCP couple hours ago I don’t own it anymore, mail me to that character if there is a problem.

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