18.1M S.P Marauder Pilot on sale

Can fly Golem have good missile skills. 25B is buyout.

1-Chracter in Placid - cummare I can bring whereever needed

2-25M isk asset nothing more

3-No Kill rights

4-No jump clones

Its in NPC corp but in skill ■■■■ shows in old corp I dont know why maybe it will renew.

You have not posted the necessary information.

You didn’t even post the price.

Sorry I am new on that thing. I will sell highest price fast buy is 25B isk. what are the other necessary information?

Check the welcome to the bazaar post by the moderators, you need to link skills list, they have a tool for it. And a few other info points

I corrected check please.

25b is steep I’ll start you off with a 10b bid

I dont know much really, tried to compare with other sales.

You can only bump your post up once per 24hr. You have to let it sit now and wait for additional offers

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Please make sure that you only bump your thread once every 24 hours as listed in Welcome to the Character Bazaar.

11b offer

12 bil

I’ll do 13B

Sold to Type 0 for 13B. Progress the transfer please.

Your post seem deleted by author. Please inform me about the process.

I’m at work. I can send isk and info when i get home.


Thanks for offer O’Rourke but I claim that sold to Tyoe 0. will wait for payment if cancelled. I will follow other offers

Payment is not progressed O’Rourke ISK. If You are still interested I will sell it to you.

Bid withdrawn. Re-evaluated and I am no longer interested