WTS 47.8m Sp mission runner and Golem pilot

Perfect Golem pilot with good missile skills.

Positive wallet balance

No kill rights

A few jump clones around empire space.

Character located in Amarr.

20b start.

50b buyout.


30 bil

Still for sale



35 bil isk ready

36 bil

40 bil

41 bill



45bi l

Thank you for your bids. Character will sell at downtime tomorrow

I’m in a hurry, can you sell it now


50bil .
This offer is only available for today’s DT before the start of the transfer, if not, the quote is only 47b

Accepted, please send isk and account name and ill start the transfer immediately

Sent in-game mail

Isk refunded due to problems with character transfer service.

Character removed from sale.

Sincere apologies