[SOLD] WTS 67m SP (64.5m+3.3m unalloc.) Golem, stand, missions

Hi everyone!
I’m selling my character. Let’s start buyout be 55b!
67.8m SP

— In Jita, Sec 5.0, wallet is positive, NPC corp, no killrights and bounty.
Mostly PVE-missions character, a little trading and attempts to wash my stand to Caldari and low taxes.

GOLEM pilot especially
Marauders V + Torpedos V + Cruises V
Caldari Hauler V

Skills: Evolvente Hamilton SP

Clones and implants:

still asking to check the price, later i’ll sell this girl

As is you are looking at 50 - 60b. It’s PVP character with slight unfocused things into trade etc, not quite full magic 14, the Name isn’t a vanity type name, and no unique birthdate. So I’d expect to see offers start at 40b and maybe go 51-55b.

Hope this helps!

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You do have maurader V though so you could list it specifically as a golem pilot or something.

appreciate that, thank you!

so I am changing topic to WTS

45B offer

waiting for another offers

48b offer

60b buyout

50b offer is this rejected i guess?

How long is your train into nighthawks?

55 days without Omega

43 bil

44b buy now

48b offer

49b B/O now

55b buyout

Could you up to 55b?)

No, sorry. Max I can go for this char is 50b. I may need to train many skills to get it where I will properly use it. GL with the sale.

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