WTS 51mil SP Hel Pilot

Looking to sell this character, its just been sitting for awhile.

875k Free SP waiting to be used.

Only Clone of note:

Skills of note:

Capital Ships V
Min Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
T2 Support and Light Fighters

strong text
Located in Jita,
Positive wallet.
No Killrights
5.0 Sec Status

Starting Bid: 30Bil
Reserve: Hidden
B/O: Make an Offer im in no rush to sell

Offers can be made here or via Eve Mail.

Thread open again, and now taking a look at the post you mentioned.

Up again to the top bumpage

30B ready

Thanks for the bid but way below the price id settle on, Bumpage.

Bumpy Bump

Still for sale.

Still for sale I aint in no rush.


Still for sale

Still for sale.


Still for sale

25 b offer

Still for Sale

30b offer now =)

32b offer

Still not reached the reserve price, still for sale.