Sold. WIll finish tomorrow on the 29th of august at 05:23

I could use an honest price check and if the price is right I’ll sell her.

Wallet Balance is around 100M ISK
No Kill rights
2 jump clones but I’ll delete them as the have no implants.
Character location in Perimeter or Jita, depends on what you prefer. :slight_smile:

Skillboard not linked properly

Sorry, fixed it.

Char is not in a Npc Corp - he has to be in one during the whole sale process. Please fix that asap, or we have to close here …

25 bil



37B offer

39b o7

Thanks for the offer dudes.
If I strip the toon the it should give 45B so I’m looking for somewhere in the ballpark of 47.
Thanks again for the offers.

Your extraction calculation is just wrong. I’d do 40b.

Perhaps. But I trust the guys who made the calculation.
43B and she’s yours amigo

Meet in the middle at 41.5?

all ok in game.
isk and acc send.

please post end time in here when trans done.

“Will be completed xxxxxxx”

Chracter sold. All happy customers

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