Selling 227mil sp toon. Moros / pally... all sorts of fun

Wallet balance will be zero at time of transfer.
Character is npc corp, no kill rights.
jump clones will all be in highsec at the time of transfer.
toon will be in highsec at time of transfer.

Buyout - 205 bil. Feel free to offer.

skillboard is not working, unfortunately


150b offer

thx, 160b to start you off

c/o thx :slight_smile:

165b now

170b offer


c/o will sell in 24 hours from this post, at whatever the top offer is. Thx for the speedy replies :)!

this one will not sell… as usual, seller is using his friend to post fake bid to increase the price :-1:

You are talking about Random Elite ?

Its a great char except the non existent gunnery skills and minor stuff

everyone whos is bidding here should know how much he wanna spend on a char.

But at the ende of the day… I am not an expert here … just my two cents

What are u talking about? I just want to konw whether these char are seriously for sale.

150bil offer

fake biddings for sure… keep dancing, go on. let’s see how this ends :slight_smile:

well if you are serious (some seem to think your not) send isk to hewell in game and its yours. If not – i’ll attempt to sell to 2nd highest bidder, and if that falls through I suppose were still for sale :)!

ok,just sent

Isk and acc sent.

Isk accepted, character is ready but website is giving me an error 502, will keep attempting to send til then – will update here when im able to reach character transfer screen.

Confirmed, was able to get to screen, transferred, thx!