For sale 24mil+ pally pilot
Positive wallet
4b+ in implants! (full set of high grade asklepian with omega) and many other jump clones.
neutral standing
no kill rights
located jita

Starting bid 20b


thanks for the offer bit low for me!

18 bil ~ @Eve_Hobo

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forgot to add there is 347k sp not allocated :grinning:

21 b/o offer 24 hrs

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21.5b isk

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B/O set at 23

I will take it at 23

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sold to Andre

Will transfer isk in about an hour

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@Eve_Hobo Isk to sent to you. Account details to transfer to sent through mail.

started my shift now at work will do it first thing in morning enjoy the character :grinning:

Has the transfer been started @Eve_Hobo

sorry for delay been at work will start it now sorry for being late.

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