Location: Jita
wallet: 85 mil
sec status: 0.35
2 bonus remaps
1 jump clone

B/o 30 bil

You need to be in NPC Corp before putting up for sell.

I am in npc corp

It’s not showing as NPC Corp, maybe update Eveskillboard

You also need to disclose if you do or do not have kill rights against you, and you need to disclose WHERE the jump clone is.

No kill rights against me, clone is at home station in Bhizheba

is that high, low, null worm???

It is high

I’m interested but your ESI key is missing. Please re-add it.

Sold. Thank you!

Still waiting for re-added ESI key.

No answer? No esi added? Most likely scam attempt yo.

Character is not for sale, the previous owner already told you that!

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