SOLD - Please archive

Unallocated Skillpoints: 324,000
Total Skillpoints: 29,872,033
Two remaps available.
Two +5 jump clones - Jita and Amarr

Orca, Porpoise and all barges.
T2 Mining Drones
Trade Skills.

EVE Char sheet here

Positive wallet
No Kill rights
Character located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
In an NPC corporation
I’m paying transfer fee

No starting bid. Feel free to convince me to end it earlier.


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Daily Bump I guess. Still open.

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21bil B/O

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21.5b b/o

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22Bil B/O

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23bil B/O

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Have to ask :smiley: could you offer a tad more?

yep, how much do you want ?

24b offer

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I will give it another half day and close the bids.
Thanks everyone for the offers so far, much appreciated.

Also bumpy bump dump

25B buyout anyone? Last call.


If he does not respond i offer the buy out of 25B

He has not responded, will accept your BO.

ok my first time getting a character on here how does this work?
Do i send the isk too Helera? What is all the info that you need?

Isk sent to Helera 25B buyout
Account info sent by eve mail.

Transfer done to account mentioned in the eve mail.


15 Oct 2023 11:08
Transfer Character
Payment Method
Credit Card
Transfer Character

Character Transfer Complete Thanks

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