Unallocated Skill points 48.585
Training Queue in pause
Jump Clone in Octanneve V - Sisters of EVE Bureau
NPC Corp Perkone
Good Drones Skills
Good Resource Processing Skills
Good Shields Skills
Good Production Skills
Character Location Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Bonus Remaps 2
Wallet Balance - 0 ISK

Price: Lets see what you have

25 bil

26b ready now

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thanks for the offers, I hope I get to 30b!

Can we do it for 27bil?

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Thanks for the offer,
can we try to close it for 28.5b?

I wanted to wait until the end of the weekend so I could get something around 30b, but as your interested, I will let the character go for 28.5b

I have only 27b sry

Again, thanks for the offer,

I would like to wait until the end of the weekend to see how it goes, and right now ur the highest bidder,

Thanks allot!!

Ok if u change your mind my offer is here :smiley:

ill do 28bil b/o

the offers are still open

28.5 bil B/O

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offer accepted send isk plz

offer accepted send isk plz

ISK and account info sent via in-game mail.

Ok, can you wait few hours to transfer character.

That’s fine, just let me know when it’s started please.

the payment has been made, the transfer process has started. pls check

Confirmation email received. Thank you!

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