WTS 51mil Focused Hel Pilot

Character that was previously up for sale but was not able to be completed transfer is back on market.

875k Free SP waiting to be used.

Only Clone of note:

Skills of note:

Capital Ships V
Min Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
T2 Support and Light Fighters

Located in Jita,
Positive wallet.
No Killrights
5.0 Sec Status

Starting Bid: 30Bil
Reserve: Hidden
B/O: Make an Offer im in no rush to sell

Offers can be made here or via Eve Mail but once agreed via mail must post here.

I will pay transfer fee as per CCP Rules.

28 billions

Thanks for the free bump :slight_smile:

offering starting bid: 30b

Thank you for bidding the correct amount for a starting bid. Had a few offers via eve-mail but will not take them until posted on the forums.

offer still stands


36 b/o like agreed in game mail, isk will be sent any min.

B/O accepted waiting for isk and info to be sent to start transfer!

Isk and account name received currently waiting for said “Upgrades” :upside_down_face: to be finished to start the transfer…

Transfer started finally!!!

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