Current Offer: P47 Jack 61B
Starting Bid: 56B

Total Assets: Couple Bil in scattered Assets(Free)
Mid grade Crystal set
149 skins including many rare and expensive!(ask if you want to see more)
115 Skills Level V!!!
SP: 91,3m Trained, 2,7m Unallocated
located in Jita, No issues

Spaceship Command 19 Level V Skills
Gunnery 17 Level V Skills
Drones 10 Level V Skills

(Notable Cap Skills)
Fighters V
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Advanced Drone Avionics V
Jump Drive Calibration V

  • Positive Wallet Balance
  • Positive Security Status
  • No Killrights
  • In NPC Corp

bid 56

Your the high bid!

58B o7

Thanks for the new high bid

60 bil

Got it and updated! Most likely we close the auction today!

I would like a few Bil more before closing if anyone wants to put in!

61b :sob:

Going to bed and will be back at about in 7 hours, Aug 26th 00:00 in game time. Offer still valid at that time.

Ill accept this if there isnt a higher bid when I wake up, good night yall

61B accepted! please let me know here when the isk is sent

ISK sent and mailed you. Username changed in the 2nd mail.

[Transfer Started

Thx. :grinning:


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