WTS 59.6m SP Sub Cap PVP - All factions

50b Start
Buyout 63b

-0.1 Sec Status
Pos Wallet
No kill rights
In NPC corp
All CCP rules apply
1 Remap Available, current attributes towards perception and willpower
2 Mid Grade Crystals (Jita and Amarr) + 1 Mid Grade Nirvana

Genius Cerebral Accelerator started on April 18th
Flies all racial frigs, dessies, cruisers, battlecruisers. All racial battleship 4+
All T2 Weapons up to medium + large energy turrets
Near perfect gunnery+missile support skills
All T2 ships below bs at 3+.
Recon 5
Loki & Tengu & Hecate to 4/5
Marauder 4

Base Standings:
3.82 with Caldari
5.00 with Amarr
4.14 with Mordu’s Legion
4.09 with Khanid Kingdom
5.52 with Ammatar Mandate
0.15 Trigs


The B/O price you provided is too high, I am willing to bid 41B

Too low, sorry, looking at a min of 50b. I’ll prolly even take 50b

The normal price should be 0.8B=1M (45b), as I particularly need these skills, I am willing to bid for 45B

Sorry, too low, 50b is the minimum. It looks like you have eyes on the 63m toon, u planning to get both or just 1 or the other? With that toon it looks like the bid is 6b over normal, surely you can do the same for me? :slight_smile:

I need both of them

Because his skills are more perfect, I need them more

Sorry, I need to be able to buy another main toon with the isk from here + what I have already and 48b ain’t enough to buy something worth transfer + logistics.

Still open current is 48b

49B offer

50b i will buy

50.5B Offer

Do you still sell?

55b Offer

Hi are you still selling? Will do 56b

Hi, is it still available ? my offer is 58b

60bil offer valid for 24hours

59B B/O

Hi, is it still available ? 59.5B

Hi all, sorry I’ve been away, and thanks for the bids. I’ve updated the post for current info. Not really needing to sell this toon anymore, but if I get a high enough bid I’ll go for it.

now at 59.6m sp and have an extra mg nirvana set

Will accept @mingqiu_Bei offer in a day or 2 if no better offers.