WTS 59.6m SP Sub Cap PVP - All factions

I can pay 60B if we can be sure of it now and I will not be bidding another role you are bidding on, thanks!

To be fair that seller hasn’t said anything in a long time.

If you go 60.5b I’ll sell him to you now. @mingqiu_Bei

Gonna sleep, will check in morning

I’m sorry I don’t have any more budget, you can wait for someone else’s bid

Still interested @Nula_Kunda_Purvanen?

I want to close as soon as possible and my bid is 59B

Hey, I just injected a genius cereberal accelerator a couple hours ago, mind if I add 1b to the cost? It has 26 days left on it.

the booster is 900m, but i bought an implant that makes it last 2 days longer which was 100m.

I don’t have any more budget

Just to clarify, are you bidding 59b for the 56.4m sp as advertised or the current 59.6m sp? For 59.6m it’s a bit low, sorry. But i’ll sell 2 u for 56.4m sp I’ll let you pick what to extract

60B/O Buy your current account, any excessive behavior of you is meaningless Final Bid If you want more I don’t have it here

I accept. Send isk and details.

@ER_Ijonen still here?

to your current account?

yes plz

Hey, you have to give me the account name, not the character. Please mail again.

The ISK has been sent and the email gives you the transaction role ID

Private Account Informations removed by ISD TRaindriver.

NEVER Post Accountnames on a Public Forum,

the account name has been sent

Transfer started, you’ll get it 10 hours from now, thanks for buying.

Please open my second email to you