New Agency Boosters

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The already existing +3% +5% and +7% Agency Boosters for Reps, Velocity and Damage will soon get a new pair of siblings, the +9% Boosters, as they are on SiSi now.

CCP running out of ideas what to drop as loot? Was it not enough that you made it almost mandatory to PVP with an active Booster in Slot 11? What’s next; Quafe Zero Super? Super Plus? +20% Implants? Skilltraining to Level X?

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(Nana Skalski) #3

Turboboosters that go in slot XXX, working for a few seconds and giving you few extra percents here and there.

(Uriel the Flame) #4

Golden Boosters only available for purchase in the NES store for :credit_card: PLEX only. :scream:

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I rather do, I quite enjoy seeing the world burn around me. :smiling_imp:

Also I like giving ideas in general, but even more so when it involves PLEX…







As you can see :credit_card: PLEX is the ultimate answer to EVERYTHING. :smirk:

A Small Action to Change a Lot
(Arthur Aihaken) #7

Just counting the days until golden ammo. :biohazard:

(Manzo Schwat) #8

Welcome to the age of F2P. You can’t use Barrage L (Or, efficiently use a ship that shoots it.) unless you pay. And that does not change anything.
Let’s face it: The game became P2W the moment CCP allowed us to trade characters for in game money.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #9

i mean in that case every game is pay to win… considering toon bizarre and plex were add simply to lessen the RMT that happens in both those areas already in every mmo.

as for this i think ccp may have just officialy said “■■■■ it” to power creep…

if they are going to go this direction I would like to see one bonused to armor buffer and shield recharge. (shield buffer would come with recharge and could be broken TBH if ccp took this approach with shield slaves it would probably be easier and keep shield and armor unique)

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