Consider a New Daily Booster

Dear CCP,
I really appreciate all the free boosters you hand out to us daily, it definitely an isk saver and comes in handy when you need that extra tweak when doing pvp events . . also it helps save some isk, did I mention that already?
I was wondering, is there any way to develop booster for our Indy Alts?
You know, something to Boost mining yield or decrease duration, shorten production times?
Seems 98% of the boosters are PvP oriented, 'cept for that odd event you had a while back where you gave out mining boosters, but only for the event. ( So we know it can be done )
Something a little more generic for everyday usage would be brilliant!
Anyway that’s my request . . have a good one.

Some of those boosts apply to PVE ships as well, bonus to tank, agility are all applicable to pve.

But… don’t those boosters already include mining, hacking, agility and scanning bonuses?

I’d say that all activities in space see some value of those boosters, combat and non-combat, PvP and PvE activities alike. Haulers, miners, explorers, they all benefit from these boosters just like combat pilots.

You’re right that docked activities like production and trading see no value of these boosters, but I feel that the purpose of these boosters is to encourage people to undock to make use of the temporary boosts.


Actually none of those booster benefit mining yield or miner duration,
these are the core of mining, the ability to mine more in shorter cycles

yes they do

Not a fan of buffing an already strong booster that affects nearly all aspects of EVE game play. Miners already mine fast. Miners already mine quite far. I object due to my personal stance I hold and completely agree with @Gerard_Amatin’s points

You are entitled to your opinion for sure, but for people who are starting out in this game who don’t have the skills or the time in the game, the boosts for mining would be a great welcome addition…

On the other hand, I say you don’t need any of the Pvp and PvE boosts you get daily daily, there are numerous modules and skill training sets to boost shields, missiles, velocity, Why would you need any of those boosts?
Seems to me you’re a bit bias or just want to be negative for negative sake.

Well, the bottom line it’s up to what CCP sees fit anyways :slight_smile: Mining did get a nice buff with cores. Yes, if you’re starting out assuming the person is an omega CCP has made mining a group activity. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to fleet up with the boosters to get quite nice boosts. Solo mining is out. I honestly don’t have anything solid to back up my view.

Simply, miners already should be grouping up with boosters for compression and boosts. Why would we need more drugs to make the boosts insanely better? It’s already quite strong with max lv boosting. As for indy jobs I simply don’t think it’s appropriate. How do drugs speed up a manufacturing line? Or research faster? I object due to RP reasons.

But that’s just my word vs CCP’s it’s their game and I will provide my blip in the sea of voices that is EVE forums.

Aren’t we all when it comes to advancing our objectives and goals? It’s a mix of bias, sometimes being objective, and sticking to your personal views/values/beliefs on what is fine and what’s not. I am not going to attempt and say I am objective here. This clashes with my beliefs. If the subject was a matter, I am natural on I will be objective and look at both sides THEN make my own determination and form my option and back my opinion up with evidence that supports my side.

Again, I keep in mind my voice and all of our voices are quite a small impact on the grand scheme of how CCP wants EVE online to be. If CCP did this, I wouldn’t go crying here I would be saddened for maybe a day or two but that’s it.

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I’ll pass along the desire for different boosters.

Thank you Brisc, I was just throwing that idea out there…
Boosts for manufacturing, ME, TE, Production times, input materials.
these would be kinda cool…

This booster has been provided through Daily Rewards. It will apply immediately when redeemed.
Base Duration 2 Hours.

3% bonus to shield resistances
3% bonus to warp speed and acceleration
3% bonus to turret optimal range and falloff
3% bonus to missile flight time
3% bonus to capacitor capacity
3% bonus to drone hitpoints
3% bonus to mining laser and ice harvester cycle time
6% bonus to scan resolution
6% bonus to sensor strength
+12 virus coherence for data analyzers

emphasis mine

Both the B-series and G-series of Halcyon boosters offer reduced miner cycle time


Really? I didn’t see these,
I did see boosters for mining show up as part of the events, I tried to use them for mining outside the event and it wouldnt work or I was doing it wrong… let me check these out .

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